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F7S-G, a brand new FCAR diagnostic tablet platform, based on Android system, communicate via WIFI and Bluetooth, powerful basic and special functions for all vehicles, diagram wiring, remote support and online update, provides customers with all-in-one diagnostic solutions and maintenance service. Coverage for Asian, European, American cars and trucks manufactures.

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ALL300HD $1495.00 PLUS HST

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Ultimate Smoke Diagnostic Leak Detector, with adjustable pressure from 0 to 29psi, super mass smoke rate, 12/24V vehicle battery driven. its the best tool for service shops who do turbo system add-on and modifications.

In order to meet the increasingly stringent vehicle emission standards, in the automotive industry, vehicle sensors are widely used, parts design & assembly require higher accuracy and better sealing. Scanner has become an indispensable basic tool in the vehicle repair business. But the scanner can only tell you which sensor detected a problem, but will not tell you where the problem really is. Smoke leak detector, as a helper to scanners, can effectively diagnose the pressure sensor (vehicle sensor is mainly divided into two categories: pressure sensor and temperature sensor). Solve the problem caused by pipe sealing, eg. engine shake, idle not stable, weakness in acceleration, increased fuel consumption, excessive emissions, and more.

The old fashioned methods of leak detection require engine ignition, with potential hazard risk, and due to the complexity and compact structure under the hood, the leak check is low efficiency, cannot effectively find the problem.

Because labor costs as well as a substantial increase in rental costs, in facing a leakage issue, workshops intend to carry out a complete replacement of the vehicle pipeline, hoping to solve the problem. BUT…, if the replacement cannot fix the problem, eg. leak exists in the camshaft instead, it will be difficult to ask the Truck owner to bear the cost of the brand new pipelines. For imported trucks, changing tubes often means relatively longer time for the parts to delivered, then leaking the truck parked in the workshop would be a hidden cost, and took up space which shall be spared for other trucks.

With Aid of smoke leak detector, test could be carried out with engine off, it would simulate the working condition of the pipe system and find out where the leak is( some leaks only happen when engine is running), simple and convenient, safe and efficientProduct features
Powerful mass smoke production
External air compressor driven
Working pressure adjustable between 1-29psi with pressure gauge equiped
Dual working mode: Air Mode / Smoke Mode
Capability of quick diagnose of leak status
Leak detection for all gas / oil pipelines
12/24V vehicle battery driver, convenient and quick
Support UV detection method (fluorescent leak detection required fluorescent leak detection kit)
Universal heavy duty air intake adapter, suitable for all kinds of trucks
5 seconds fast smoke production
Intelligent 10 minute working cycle
Product parameters
Output pressure: 1~29psi
Output flow: 25 L / min
Power demand: 12/24V vehicle battery
Oil capacity: 100 ml
Product size: L21cm x W 22cm x H 30cm
Packing weight: 10 kg
Package size L45cm x W34cm x H32cm